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- glasses in 1 hour!
- a large selection of frames and lenses
- contact lenses
- accessories and cleaning solutions
- lifetime servicing of spectacle frames*
- ophthalmological examination by slit lamp
- fundus examination
- a selection of contact lenses
A&G is a Polish company from Lublin providing a full range of optical services. In meeting your individual needs and wishes, we make glasses that will give a new look on reality. All this is possible through our comprehensive approach, which includes everything we specialize in and excel at, namely:

- professional staff to ensure the appropriate selection of both corrective glasses and contact lens (we only use experienced ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians/refractionists with both many years of experience and certified qualifications);

- in the matching of frames we pay particular attention to the combination of aesthetic design and technical parameters of the frames to suit the strength and type of lenses;

- in selecting lenses we adapt our products so that they satisfy your individual needs;

- we rely on reputable and reliable manufacturers of lenses and frames.

We have extensive experience in optical work, including in meeting difficult lens requirements (high power, prismatic or progressive glasses and others). As it is very important that we focus on the highest quality in our services and products, we process your orders using our own optical laboratories rather than use the services of subcontractors. Our customers really appreciate the fact that we are eager to share our knowledge about the available products in order to help them to make the right choice. We also provide advice regarding the selection of various accessories that facilitate the everyday use of glasses, contact lenses and other optical aids.
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