For those who live actively and seek diversity

DIVERSE is one of the leading clothing brands in Poland. It is a brand for women and men seeking diversity, living actively, for whom individual style is more important than changing fashion trends.
The brand offers customers more than fashionable collections: Diverse is a lifestyle, it's joy and energy! DIVERSE has been meeting the original requirements of active people who value comfort, quality and style for many years. It draws inspiration from the latest fashion trends, choosing the most interesting and adopting them to the charismatic character of the brand, above all setting an individual style. 

Diverse collections available at VIVO! Stalowa Wola are a reflection of the unique spirit of the brand and are dedicated in terms of solutions, styling and available assortment to a local group of customers. All details in the interior have been selected to fully meet the various needs of women and men. The new, unconventional commercial concept complements the current brand marketing strategy.

We invite you to visit the Diverse shop at VIVO! Stalowa Wola.