Amusement Park in VIVO! Stalowa Wola

Slides, carousels, and a track with cars - these and other attractions appeared last Friday, May 13, at the VIVO parking lot! Stalowa Wola. The Amusement Park in front of the Shopping Center will be open until May 22, and on May 18-19, you will be able to get your dream ticket entitling you to use a selected attraction located in the amusement park. It is enough to take part in a promotional campaign, do shopping for min. PLN 100 and show the receipts at a stand specially prepared for this occasion. A total of 400 tickets are to be given away!

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No matter if you are looking for the latest fashion trends or you would like to be entertained – in our shopping center you will find everything your heart desires. Here you can choose from nearly 80 stores of the most fashionable brands, discover the magical world of beauty in drugstores, and in cafes and confectioneries you will discover new culinary horizons. We organize regular events, support local brands and offer excellent childcare with Leopark playroom, so that you can spend relaxing shopping hours at VIVO! Stalowa Wola. Thanks to Helios we also offer customers the most modern cinema experience.

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