FOTOBUDKA Photomaton

A professional photo booth from Photo-Me, a global market leader. Designed by world-famous architect Philippe Starck with a modern design, touch screen and bilingual menu. Photos taken in the cabin comply with the applicable ICAO 9303 regulations. You can take photos for official documents, i.e. passport, visa, driving license, ID card, ID card, without any problems, quickly, in comfortable conditions, without standing in a queue or waiting for the photo to be developed. diploma as well as funny, souvenir or special occasion photos by selecting the appropriate template from the menu. Regardless of the height of the person using the cabin, everyone will take photos in the same comfortable conditions thanks to the camera that automatically adapts to the user's position. Payment for the photos (cash, credit card) is made at the very end, when the photo is taken and the final result is approved by the person using the cabin. We invite you to the most modern photo booth and join millions of people in over 20 countries in Europe and around the world who use identical devices every day. The cabin is located in the corridor next to the entrance to the toilets.