Monnari – be yourself. It is in fashion.

Monnari VIVO! Stalowa Wola offers two full seasonal collections (spring-summer, autumn-winter), reflecting global fashion trends, and informed by timeless classics. Their various clothing lines are complemented by a wide range of accessories, with an emphasis on bags, scarves, hats and jewellery. At our shop, a wide variety of clothes and accessories with a collection of bags and shoes is available. 
Our own modelling room and experienced team of designers, who are truly passionate about fashion, contribute to the success of our brand, which focuses on a unique, sophisticated style.
Monnari is a Polish brand with 20 years of tradition. It is made for women who value elegance and a timeless, feminine style. 
The company is a leader in elegant, stylish clothing for active and modern women. 
The collection consists of proprietary designs in limited series, developed by a team of experienced designers. Every model is designed for a wide range of women’s shapes, therefore at Monnari every woman wearing sizes 36-46 and Plus Size (up to 52) can compose a whole outfit for herself. 
Special attention is paid to the finishes and details, which has been valued for years by Monnari customers.
Monnari – be yourself. It is in fashion.


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