The best natural FANICE ice, Confectionary for pampering but also for events, Italian Piadineria, exceptional Coffee, Fresh Bar and other surprises!

Moment will soon become your place of pampering!

There are moments in life that you want to be perfect, whether you need a selfish moment of pampering, or a relaxing going out in a large group or small, MOMENTI is the ideal place.

We will try to make the special moments in your life fabulous. Whether it's a small event in two or with the family, small anniversary parties, birthdays or events with a large number of guests (parties, christenings, weddings) we are ready to provide all necessary logistics regarding the " sweet moments "of the event. (Cookies, cakes, ice cream, candy bars in multiple combinations)

The products that we are proud of are:

FANICE Ice present in Romania since 1992 and which has continuously improved its quality with the contribution of Italian ice cream masters. Starting from 2011, you could also find us in Baia Mare, providing our customers the best natural homemade ice cream in town.

Various cake types, for which our main concern besides appearance is the exquisite taste and composition in which 100% natural ingredients MUST be a priority.

Italian Piadineria brings in Baia Mare, as a premiere, the wonderful snack consisting of a flat loaf of bread with cheese inside, greens, prosciuto and other delights specific for the original recipes from Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.

At MOMENTI you will find one of the most popular brands of coffee, teas, natural juices and milk shakes, and one of the well-known ranges of soft drinks, but with a rare concept in Romania (free re-fill)

These all and many other surprises you may encounter if you visit!

You, as our customers are important to us and therefore we will strive to exceed your expectations!

You are welcome!

Momenti tuoi, momenti speciali, momenti dolci.... in one word MOMENTI!
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