Get ready for school with VIVO!

Dear parents, it's time to admit it: school is starting.

Enthusiasm, energy and nostalgia, the new season brings with it a multitude of emotions, which we will carefully manage in the coming period. One thing's for sure, whether your teenager is starting high school or still in elementary school, starting a new chapter at a new school, or getting ready to send him to kindergarten, there's an important milestone coming up, and it's time, more than ever, to we are preparing.

Because we know how complicated it can be to organize your thoughts and make your shopping list, especially when you still want to enjoy the last days of summer, let's check together the most important accessories for a great school year.

As usual, at VIVO! you find the best offers and inspiring proposals, so that the little one really enjoys the start of school. We recommend that you go shopping together, to prepare him for what will follow and to choose his own supplies. Don't worry, you won't need to travel much because at VIVO! you find everything you need in one place. Charge yourself with energy, don't forget to hydrate and maybe, after a long shopping session, treat yourself to something sweet.

We start at the beginning: the school wardrobe.

After a summer spent mostly in dresses, t-shirts and sandals, it's time to reorganize the wardrobe a little and prepare it for what's to come.

Whether your little one is starting his first year of kindergarten, school or high school, it's important that he feels comfortable in the new school year, so classic jeans and solid sweaters or looser, but with personality, hoodies are on the shopping list. We invite you to discover the dedicated collections from stores such as C&A, H&M or Kenvelo. The mornings and evenings will get colder, so don't forget an autumn jacket, a scarf and a hat or cap.

If the little one has to wear a uniform, the shopping list is simplified. Don't forget to get him a few pairs of tights to wear when the temperatures drop.

For physical exercise classes and outdoor activities, we are waiting for you at Top Sport and Grid. Here you will find comfortable sneakers and special outfits depending on the type of sport practiced.

After completing the wardrobe, we focus on school supplies and accessories.

Surely, if you don't have the experience of the past years, you already have a list from the school of the accessories that the little one needs, depending on the school year he starts. In addition to the number of notebooks and the type of pen used, to make the transition from summer vacation to school easier and to get the little one excited for a new beginning, it is important that he makes personalized choices of supplies. Visit Cărturești for the right accessories, and for backpacks and other accessories we are waiting for you at Various Brands or Sport Vision.

With his favorite heroes, with glitter or more serious, whatever the notebooks chosen by the little one look like, encourage and inspire him to write the most beautiful stories and really enjoy going to school.

We have prepared our wardrobe and chosen the supplies, now let's reorganize the homework corner.
We put the toys aside for the moment, tidy up the desk and make sure that the little one has all the comfort to do his homework. A special chair for him, in which the body position is correct, is indispensable.

For small accessories full of personality, a visit to JYSK or Pepco is all you need.

If your little one wears glasses, choose a pair of new frames from Lensa.

Now we are ready for school...right?

We already know that the beginning of school is full of excitement for the little ones. New classmates, homework, rules, activities, all this after a few months of fun and personalized schedule, so maybe he needs a school best friend too. Even if the shopping session is dedicated to the new school year, also pay a visit to Noriel or Dinoland. Maybe he'll pick up a new toy to make the transition easier.

Now he can actually start school.

The most important time of the year is approaching, and we are more prepared and excited than ever. We are waiting for you at VIVO! with offers dedicated to the beginning of the school year!