Clothing shop for men and women

C&A – Feel-Good Fashion 

Fashion at affordable prices for your entire family! 

The C&A shop at Vivo! Pitesti offers to its clients a wide range of fashion articles for women, men, children and teenagers, as well as accessories and body wear. To create our collections, we take our inspiration from the most enriched, beautiful and energising daily moments, so that our clients can celebrate each new day in a variety of colours, patterns and quality fabrics. 
With nearly 1,900 shops in 21 countries worldwide and around 51,000 employees, C&A is a leading fashion retail business. C&A welcomes and provides millions of visitors each day with good quality fashion at affordable prices for their entire family.  
Beside the shops in Europe, C&A has a presence Brazil, Mexico and China. 
For more information please visit www.c-a.com 

The only C&A shop in Pitesti can be found at the VIVO! shopping centre.


Offers at C&A

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