How to get to VIVO! quickly and easily

Get to VIVO! Pitesti by car or bike and you will have immediate access to the entrances through the parking lot


Reachable by foot

10 minutes walk from the city center


Getting here by taxi

Dedicated parking area for taxis


Getting to VIVO! from the highway 

VIVO! Pitesti is conveniently located on the route of the Bucharest – Pitesti – Sibiu – Arad highway

Parking spaces for all our clients!

At VIVO! Pitesti you don't have to worry about the parking space. We offer you a large amount of parking spaces, for you to enjoy your free time.


Free parking spaces for all our customers

VIVO! Pitesti offers parking spaces for any type of shopper and safe parking spaces for your car


VIVO! Pitesti is accessible by car. We have prepared a large amount of free parking spaces

Free and safe parking spaces for all our customers


Large and clean parking spaces 

We offer our clients over 700 safe and clean parking spaces


Parking spaces for disabled people at VIVO! Pitesti 


Parking spaces for families with children at VIVO! Pitesti


Separate parking spaces to visit us together with children at VIVO! Pitești


Parking spaces for cars and bikes

Airy, clean and safe parking lots for cars and bikes

Accessibility features for visitors at VIVO! Pitesti 

VIVO! Pitesti offers special conditions for shoppers who need extra assistance and support.

Because we want all our visitors to enjoy a wonderful experience, we have created services dedicated to people with disabilities: parking spaces, elevators, easy access routes. We are waiting for you at VIVO! Pitesti.

Kids strollers are free to use at VIVO! Pitesti. We offer extra assistance if needed.

VIVO! Pitesti offers kids strollers for an easier and better shopping experience


Dedicated toilets for disabled people

Spacious toilet for the people with special needs, equipped with the necessary facilities.


Dedicated parking spaces at VIVO! Pitesti

Parking spaces for our clients with special needs