Honey harvesting at VIVO Krosno

On September 22, between 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., customers of our Center will be able to receive delicious VIVO for their purchases! Miodzio.

How to take part in the action?
Shop in min. PLN 100 and come to the Action Service Point, which is located next to the Food Court Zone. There you will receive delicious honey straight from our apiary.

Try your hand at the competition!
Are you a special sweet lover? Then we also invite you to take part in our fun! Find the bees that have flown to different stores and win a voucher for a little something to use at the Santos confectionery shop.

Don't delay - the number of prizes is limited.

We invite you!

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Many stores – one gift card! 

VIVO! Krosno Gift Card - the perfect idea for a present, which gives the recipient the possibility to choose a gift that complies with his needs. Give the gift card to your loved ones to celebrate Christmas, birthdays or any other special occasion. 

A gift card is a pre-paid card that gives the possibility to purchase products in any store in VIVO Krosno with a payment by terminal.

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VIVO! Krosno implements a new sustainable development strategy.

There is a lot going on in the Helios cinema. That is why we have gathered information for you about what is currently playing in one place.

Go to the Helios cinema screening with the current repertoire. Along with it, you will also find other news: special screenings, events or promotions. All of this is just one click away.

Maybe you will discover your film series by the way? There will be something for real connoisseurs, persistent marathon runners and lovers of the fairy-tale world.
Check out what's going on in the Helios cinema!

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