Many stores – one Gift Card! 


VIVO! Krosno Gift Card - the perfect idea for a present, which gives the recipient the possibility to choose a gift that complies with his needs. Give the Gift Card to your loved ones to celebrate Christmas, birthdays or any other special occasion. 

Gift Card is a pre-paid card that gives the possibility to purchase products in any store in VIVO Krosno with a payment by terminal.

How does the card work?

As any other payment card.

All you have to do is to use it in a payment terminal in store and……. that’s all! 

You can pay by this card in stores and service points in VIVO! Krosno.

How to buy a Gift Card?

You can purchase a gift card using a special GIFTOMAT located next to YES store (close by main entrance)
through a website (link below)


Giftomat accepts credit cards only.

You can top your card up with an amount from 50 zł. to 1 000 zł.

When you purchase your gift card you pay equal its charge only. No additional costs or commisionss.


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Company Orders.

Do you have your own company and would like to order gift cards for your employees? No problem!

Have questions? We will be happy to answer them.
Detailed information can be obtained by contacting the Customer Service Office.

The form for company orders is avaliable here

Customer Service

If you need help or have any questions regarding you Gift Card, contact with our Customer Service Office.

• by phone - +48 22 180 19 09, 

• e-mail:

Our office is avaliable from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00. On Sunday from 10.00. to 20.00.
On non trade Sundays, infodesk is closed.