Feel comfortable when you visit us

We want our guests to feel comfortable visiting VIVO! Krosno. That is why we have many friendly solutions for disabled individuals, including: easy access to specially dedicated parking spaces, parking spaces located close to the entrances, no stairs, no thresholds, no curbs and other architectual obstacles. People using wheelchairs, baby strollers or other necessary equipment to easily get into the store without restriction and move comfortably around our center. 

Amenities for disabled people


Our stores and services are located on the same floor. Thanks to this, disabled people can easily and comfortably use the full offer of our Shopping Center.



The toilet for the disabled is spacious and also equipped with the necessary equipment and facilities.



We have 28 parking spaces for people with disabilities. Parking spaces are located close to the entrance door to the building.



For the better comfort of our customers, we equipped our facilities with many amenities that will make shopping more enjoyable. VIVO! Krosno Shopping Center is a friendly destination for families with children, disabled people or the elderly.


Disabled parking

VIVO! therefore has an ample amount of reduced mobility long-term parking available to suit all needs.

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Toilets adapted for disabled

At VIVO! Krosno customers with reduced mobility enjoy special attention within the shopping center through the services and facilities which are offered to them.

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Bicycle repair station

We encourage you to visit us by any means of transportation, especially by bike, because being ecofriendly is our style.

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E-car charging station

VIVO! Krosno is eco-friendly. Why a charging station for electric cars? Because at VIVO! we care for the environment and appreciate our customers who care, too.

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Relaxing zones

We know that VIVO! is your meeting place with friends and that going shopping can also be tiring at times. We have therefore created nicely designed resting areas with comfortable sofas around the shopping centre, where you can enjoy a break or meet a friend. 

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VIVO! means more than shopping to all of us. You have everything you want for shopping at VIVO! and although most of our shops and stands accept your credit card, sometimes you need cash.

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Currency exchange office

Are you looking for a currency exchange office? At VIVO! you can find it. Easy and convenient at VIVO!, you have all the services you need. 



You are always connected at VIVO If you have time for a break, or want to check the latest  offer of our stores, find out about upcoming events or find useful information on the internet, don’t forget that you can use our free and unlimited WiFi.

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Instant photo service

Are you out with friends, your loved one or do you need a photo for official documents?

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InPost parcel locker

Do you need to send or pick up a package? Use the easy and user-friendly InPost service which allows you to send and receive packages at the shopping centre.

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Beekeeping apiary

One of the projects of which we feel really proud is the beekeeping apiary.

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First aid & health

In VIVO! Krosno we are constantly taking actions to prepare us for unpredictable situations. we want you to feel safe at the shopping centre at any time. We have therefore created a first aid room equipped with necessary sanitary materials.

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By using a taxi you can easily and quickly get to VIVO! as well as comfortably return to your home. The taxi rank is in front of the shopping center.

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Directories map

All information - with shops by categories - can be found on the map. 

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Phone charging station

You are always connected at VIVO!. If it's time for a break, don’t forget to use the mobile phone charging stations to recharge your phone.

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Do you want to buy beautiful, fresh flowers or a gift set to please someone? Thanks to our machine, you can do it easily and quickly, regardless of the time.
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Family friendly center

At VIVO! Krosno we are not only concered with the comfort of our customers while shopping, but we also want to promote a family way of spending free time. That is why we equipped our Shopping Center with many amenities for children and their parents. 

Every month we also organize many events to promote the region, the city, education among children and fun in a family atmosphere.

Plaża Krosno.JPG

Shopping, Entertainment and Education in one place

VIVO! Krosno cares about comfort and family atmosphere. Luppo Puppo play rooms, holiday beaches and the cinema. Come with your family and have fun!



We have not forgotten about the room for mothers with children, where in comfortable conditions, every parent can heat up food in a special heater, feed their child or calmly perform all care treatments.



The Fairytale play room Luppo Puppo is a place where parents can leave their children under professional care and calmly go on their dream shopping experience. Helios cinema is the perfect place for family films and entertainment.



The holiday beach will provide many unforgettable experiences for those, who want to build fantastic sand buildings with us.



While traveling through our shopping center, children can travel in a Bumbusie - the special cars designed to carry the youngest.



Our Kids Play is equipped with various interesting toys and is waiting for fun seeking


Baby care room

Taking care of your child is made easier. The VIVO! nursing rooms are always in the toilets areas and are dedicated to working mothers who need a private, safe and clean place for breastfeeding and for changing babies' nappies.

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Family parking spaces

Parking spaces are always a challenge for all of us, especially for families. At VIVO! we offer dedicated parking spaces to facilitate their visit.

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Trolleys for children

VIVO! is "a big place" for children. Therefore, all parents with little kids have the option of borrowing pushchairs for free for a more pleasant and easier visit to VIVO!.

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Toilets/sinks adapted for kids

Most of our customers are families, therefore, we are always thinking about how to make their visit more pleasant.

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Highchairs for children

If you are visiting us accompanied by your children, please note that you can use special children's chairs which make it very comfortable and safe for you and your child to eat.

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Playground for kids

At VIVO! you can shop and play with your little one. We have a safe playground with interactive items where your child can have a fun time.

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Lost & Found at VIVO! Krosno

If you have lost a valuable item while visiting VIVO! Krosno, please contact the security office of our Shopping Center - we will try to help you.
What to do when you lost or find valuable items at VIVO! Krosno
If you have lost or found an item while visiting VIVO! Krosno, please contact a security officer at our Shopping Center.
Security officer will help you solve the situation.
You can also reach out to Administration office by phone 13 433 46 70 (open from Monday to Friday between 9am to 4pm)