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There is a lot going on in the Helios cinema. That is why we have gathered information for you about what is currently playing in one place.

Go to the Helios cinema screening with the current repertoire. Along with it, you will also find other news: special screenings, events or promotions. All of this is just one click away.

Maybe you will discover your film series by the way? There will be something for real connoisseurs, persistent marathon runners and lovers of the fairy-tale world.
Check out what's going on in the Helios cinema!


Helios cinema at VIVO! Krosno has 4 air-conditioned rooms with high-class equipment for film projection.

Helios also recommended special screenings such as Women's Cinema, Night Marathons, Connoisseur Cinema, Accessible Culture and Helios for Children. 
Before the show, clients can relax at the cosy Helios Café, enjoying a delicious coffee, freshly pressed juices, pies, many flavours of ice-cream and other desserts. The cinema bar offers delicious salted or caramel popcorn, various snacks and beverages.

Moreover Helios cinema at VIVO! Krosno is a perfect place to perform unusual marketing campaigns.

We offer cooperation in the field of:  

- buying tickets for employees at lower prices, 
- organisation special film projection for employees or clients, 
- broadcasting advertisement of your companies before projections on our screens

- holding advertising events in the cinema’s lobby

- printing advertising on the reverse of cinema tickets

- participation in film premieres based on sponsorship.


See you at Helios Cinema at VIVO! Krosno!

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