Spartan, a restaurant inspired by Greek cuisine

Spartan is a unique concept, inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine, but individualised according to its own procedures. Thus, Spartan is a half Greek, half Spartan concept. Spartan does not sell shaorma or kebab. The basic products are gyros and souvlaki, prepared in their own style and not related to Turkish cuisine.
Spartan sauces, which are considered the best in Romania, are registered trademarks and are prepared fresh, in their own kitchen. Garlic cream sauce with lemon zest, sweet sour sauce with baked tomatoes and pickles, olive sauce minced with onion, are just some of the famous Spartan sauces.
Customers can opt for two types of meat: chicken and the second type is a combination of three types of meat: veal, goat and pork, all in one gyros. Pyta type cakes are kneaded and baked on the hearth and are served hot. All the products are served hot and are combined with fresh vegetables and lots of fresh green salad.
The Spartan slogan is ""Legendary taste"" and underlines the inspiration of ancient Greek cuisine. It also suggests that the franchise is implementing a new type of fast food, with healthier food, aimed at people who practice sports and have a lifestyle as close to the Spartan mentality. In this regard, the image of Spartan is the triple world champion, K1 legend Remy Bonjasky. Spartan opened its first restaurant in Pitesti at the VIVO! shopping centre.


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