The most modern TV platform in Poland

The CANAL + platform is the most modern television in terms of TV programmes in Poland, as well as super-fast LTE Internet and mobile phones. We offer a unique "TV in your pocket" service, with which you can watch TV through nc + GO applications or through the website. With this, you can watch your TV wherever you want, whenever you want, for how long you want and on any screen!
On the CANAL + platform you can watch the most prestigious sporting events, film hits,
as well as TV series and original documentary series. 
The CANAL + platform also includes the latest technologies: multiroom, nc + GO TV - thousands of programmes and films on demand, available after connecting the decoder to the Internet. nc + GO enable watching TV and the VOD collection on a selected device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) at any place and time, as well as the CANAL + SPORT Online application, which provides fans with access to the transmissions of the most important sporting events via mobile devices.


For our customers at VIVO! Krosno we offer: 
- signing a subscription contract
- extending your current contract on favourable terms
- activating the card
- diagnosing a hardware fault
- exchanging defective equipment for a new one
- returning the equipment
- checking payments or registering a proof of payment
- changing additional options
- ordering the installation of a satellite dish

We provide friendly service and professional advice.  

We invite you to Canal+ at VIVO! Krosno.


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