Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Christmas is fast approaching and choosing the perfect gift for a teenager can sometimes be a challenge. If you're wondering what would make your teenager happy, we have some inspiring ideas that will surely catch their attention. Visit VIVO! Krosno, where you will find many attractive offers.

Teens love music, and a portable Bluetooth speaker is a great way for them to enjoy their favorite songs wherever they are. In-ear or over-ear headphones will also be a good idea - especially for music, movie or game lovers. Check out the latest models available in the Media Markt store.


Protect your teenager's smartphone by giving him a stylish case. At Teleakces in our Center you will find a wide selection of colors, patterns and materials, allowing you to adapt the case to your individual preferences.


Board games or puzzles are a great way to spend time with family and friends. Choose from the wide offer available in the SMYK salon in VIVO! Krosno - adjust it to the age and interests of the recipient and you will certainly put a smile on his face.


For those who love reading, pick up a recent YA novel from a popular author. The Świat bookstore and the INMEDIO kiosk offer a wide selection of literature tailored to the tastes of teenagers, including best-selling novels in beautiful editions.


Hang your memories on the wall! An instant camera, like Instax, allows you to print photos instantly. It's a fantastic way to capture moments and create unforgettable memories. Of course, you will find the latest models at Media Markt.


Cosmetics stores and shopping islands in our shopping center offer many products tailored to young skin. A set of cosmetics or makeup products will surely please every teenager. Visit HEBE, Cosmedica drugstore, ROSSMANN or one of the shopping islands: NEONAIL or INGLOT and choose the perfect gift.



If you are not sure what to choose, a gift card to the Shopping Center will allow your teenager to make his own choice. This is an ideal solution for those who value freedom of choice. A cash machine where you can easily purchase a gift card for VIVO! is located next to the YES salon.


Also choose fashionable clothes and accessories with the motif of your favorite character from the movie adaptation - you will find many such proposals in the CROPP store. But if you know that the teenager you want to give as a gift prefers classic patterns and colors, find classy accessories at RESERVED.


Jewelry will also be a great idea - bracelets, chains and earrings in beautiful designs can be found both on the Silver Art shopping island and in the W. Kruk salon!


We encourage you to visit our Shopping Center, where you will find a wide selection of gifts for teenagers. The diverse range of stores will surely help you find something unique that will make your teenager happy during this magical holiday season.