Christmas decoration trends - discover them in VIVO! Krosno

In 2023, we see fascinating novelties and evolution in Christmas decoration trends. This season, creativity and modernity combine with tradition, creating unique and inspiring arrangements. Here are some of the main trends shaping Christmas decorations this year, which you can also find at VIVO! Krosno.

Ecological decorations
In response to the growing interest in ecology, Christmas decorations increasingly use natural materials and raw materials. Wood, wicker, macrame and organic fabrics are becoming popular choices, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Minimalism and elegance
This season we see a move away from splendor towards simplicity. Minimalist decorations in neutral colors such as white, gray and pastels are gaining popularity. This approach creates calm and elegant interiors, leaving room for subtle details.

Technological innovations
Modern technologies are entering holiday decorations, offering interactive and dynamic experiences. LED lighting, intelligent decorations controlled via mobile applications and light projections are just a few examples that add a new dimension to the magic of the holidays.
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DIY decorations (do it yourself)
The popularity of handmade decorations is growing, which are not only unique, but also come from individual creativity. DIY workshops are becoming more and more popular, and home decorations are taking on a personal meaning.

Ethnic inspirations
Decorations inspired by various cultures and holiday traditions are becoming more and more popular. Elements from different parts of the world, such as oriental patterns, African motifs or Scandinavian stylings, introduce a wealth of colors and forms into the interior.
Nostalgia and retro

Nostalgia and retro
In 2023, we return to our roots, using retro styling and classic motifs. Vintage decorations, old baubles and even inspirations from the 1960s and 1970s give Christmas decorations a unique character.

Modern shapes and structures
Classic shapes give way to modern and abstract forms. Geometry, asymmetry and unconventional shapes decorate Christmas trees, garlands and decorations, giving the interiors a modern and artistic look.

These trends combine diversity and innovation, allowing everyone to find something to suit their taste. Regardless of your preferences, it is important that Christmas decorations create an atmosphere of warmth, joy and time spent with loved ones.
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