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Stylish shopping at Discount Night

8 essential elements for a stylish summer that you can find at the Night of Discounts, in VIVO!


Summer has come, which means that every warm day is an opportunity to enjoy the sun, fun and fashion. The warm season is our moment of glory and the opportunity to wear the most unique combinations of vintage or current pieces, held by the festival, light outfits for intense summer workouts or glamorous looks at events.

However, if you have a limited budget and want to save for the holiday itself 😊, we suggest 8 basic pieces of clothing to include in your wardrobe this season. The reason?

They match easily and fit outfits inspired by mixed styles, are easy to integrate into any outfit, are versatile and can be worn in a casual or elegant look. ❤️

The first on our list is the fluid, midi, summer dress. Perfect for the first day at an absolutely instagramable resort, for evening walks or for a relaxed day shopping, choose a colorful dress with buttons and a light cut.

The result: you will have a refined, bohemian air, as if you were on your way to filming for Mamma Mia, on the Greek island of Skopelos. Visit H&M and choose a light and airy dress to take with you on vacation. Enjoy up to 50% off *.

By the way, we also have a stylish suggestion for gentlemen: the super cool and classy version of the men's shirt is the linen blouse. Inspiration: French actor Alain Delon wearing a pair of sunglasses and a light shirt in the movie La Piscine. Choose a light color variant that you will include in a smart casual outfit, because it fits perfectly with both a pair of moccasins and sneakers.

You can definitely find a pair of sneakers at Buzz with which you can match both shirts and T-shirts and benefit from a 40% discount*. If you prefer a sporty version of your outfit, for going out in the city but also for training, at Adidas, Intersport or Hervis are waiting for you seasonal pieces from the latest collections to complete your relaxed look.


The element that can't be missed for a fresh summer appearance is your favorite perfume that you attract with like a magnet. Visit Sephora and enjoy discounts on your favorite products.

The next choice: a chic, elegant and cool version of the elegant outfit - the two-piece suit made of linen, cotton or kaftan. Slightly oversized, made of a light and delicate material to the touch and pastel or nude colors, it will fit perfectly with your tanned skin. Suitable for both office visits and an evening out on the town, choose a pair of high-waisted pants, accessorize with a leather strap and you'll be nostalgic for the 90's supermodel look. For inspiration: Julia Roberts wearing her two-piece red suit in Pretty Woman. At Peek & Cloppenburg or, for men’s pieces, at D’S DAMAT you can find quality suits and accessories, for a truly refined outfit and benefit from a 20% * and 30% * discount, respectively.

Jeans, an immortal choice and loved in any season or any period. The cargo model or the wide leg - with a wide cut - are the stars of this summer. At the opposite pole from the classic skinny jeans, the models who sit relaxed on their feet, with high waists inspire relaxation and lightness. You can opt for the white, flared ones, or you can choose a blue, classic pair. A feminine and stylish look can be easily built starting from a pair of classic jeans. Style inspo: Jane Birkin in the 70's, which shows us how a simple white T-shirt, a pair of jeans, a woven bag and a pair of simple sandals make up a glamorous look and "Je ne sais quoi." Surely you can find a model that will make your figure stand out at Timeout, Kenvelo or Lee Cooper, but also classic and masculine models from the latest collections. You can buy them with a 30% * discount.


In the Summer GLAM category there is a piece full of sensuality and refinement, which can be easily worn at any evening event. We guarantee that you will steal all eyes by wearing it. The midi or mini silk or satin dress is an elegant, stylish choice that conquers with simplicity and allows you to play with accessories, because it fits both massive, opulent earrings and delicate sets with minimalist stones. A look that will inspire you: Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface, in her green satin dress. Stop by Pandora and you will surely find a pair of gorgeous earrings with which to accessorize it. You have a 50% * discount on the second product you purchase.

We finally kept the summer accessory that, even seen on the city streets or in the hallways of an office building, inspires us with the smell of the sea, the beach and the sand on a summer morning. The woven bag made of cotton, straw or raffia is the detail of an outfit that will transpose us immediately to the present moment and will remind us to prepare our outfits for the long-awaited holiday. We only worry that you will go home with at least two models of this type if you visit the Tezyo or Aldo stores, especially since you benefit from a 20% * discount.

After a well-deserved shopping session, a visit to Starbucks for a good coffee. It is your time to dream of the adventures that await you this summer!



Disclaimer - The validity of the discounts and promotions mentioned in the article varies and applies at pre-determined periods by each merchant. The promotions are valid especially on June 23, between 22:00 and 12:00 AM, during the Night of Discounts event, at VIVO! Constant. More details in stores or on