Secuiana produces under the SECUIANA brand the entire range of men's items that are distributed throughout the country.

All SECUIANA products, from tie to suit, are manufactured in Romania, according to the stas and the typology of consumers in the Romanian market.


The fabrics used by Secuiana are chosen with great responsibility towards consumers, they have special finishes that offer many customer advantages, such as: anti-wrinkle treatments, anti-stain treatments, treatments that do not allow water to enter from the outside but allow body ventilation.


Cotton trousers are washed before sale to eliminate shrinkage in customer washes, to sanitize and to give a pleasant, velvety, and very friendly touch to the skin of our customers.


All trousers are produced only in their own factory in Târgu Secuiesc who has over 40 years of experience and extensive international export cooperation in countries such as: France, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA, Sweden, Netherlands, England.


Secuiana has 18 own Secuiana stores and a network of customers throughout the country.