Winter discounts: inspiration for a year the way you want it.

Ladies, we know that every season has its trends and you want to be in step with fashion, and at VIVO! the wardrobe you dream of becomes a reality.

One thing is certain in the cold season – we definitely need a warm and comfortable jacket to protect us on cold days. Find countless trendy models at VIVO!

And of course, an outfit that turns heads also contains a trendy pair of ankle boots, elegant boots or maybe an epic pair of sneakers.
After you have created your perfect outfit, all you have to do is accessorize it with the jewelry that adds an extra touch of style to your outfit.

Now that we have perfected the outfits for everyday outings, let's move on to the sports outfits. After the period of eating only goodies and sweets, it's time for some exercise.
For winter sports lovers – the trendiest and warmest equipment for guaranteed fun on the slopes or in the snow.
Don't like snow, but want to be active in the cold season too? At VIVO! you will find the equipment you need to set up a workout at home.

Tip – home workouts aren't energetic and fun without some music. Come to VIVO! and get the latest speakers and audio systems. Ah, do you have grumpy neighbors? Then replace the speakers with a high-performance pair of headphones!
For the ladies who want to turn cooking into a hobby this year, find out at VIVO! the world of high-performance kitchen appliances, which will turn the time spent in the kitchen into a pleasure.

We have not forgotten the skincare & beauty products that cannot be missing from your daily routine. Have you had a busy, hectic day and all you want to do is get home, throw yourself into bed and relax a bit? We come up with a better idea: end the day with a warm bath to which you add a multicolored and fragrant bath bomb, followed by your skincare routine with VIVO! products.

We've launched the Winter Sales, so your wishlist can become a reality at VIVO!