Interview with Marius Tanef: elegance tells a story

What does Elegance mean to you?


It is important to choose your clothes carefully, according to your own personality, precisely because they can share the story of each of us.


What would you recommend to those who want to be more elegant?


To feel good in their "skin", through a clothing style loaded with harmony and style. Of course, attention to detail is extremely important, and accessories should not be missing: buttons with a bow tie, a watch and a bracelet, just as we can add a chain to a vest. At the same time, we can try to approach new mixes & matches, so that old clothes can be reinterpreted in a new way.


What does a truly elegant evening look like for you?


A summer evening, a balcony with many decorative plants, flowers and some diffused lights. A bottle of champagne, some evening snacks, all for a perfect moment of respite after a hectic day. Louis Armstrong completes the evening with an instrumental from "What a wonderful world".


What activities would you propose to VIVO fans! for this summer, to feel in every moment the element of Elegance?


Personally, I prefer to make every moment spent in my free time a special moment and why not, really elegant. A walk on the beach can easily turn into an elegant evening, outlined by a tailored outfit and a moonlit dinner. An evening at the theater, a movie at the cinema, a walk on the seafront or even an outdoor symphony concert.


What outfits do you recommend for VIVO T-shirts?


You can combine VIVO t-shirts without difficulty to create your ideal outfits. From casual: the elegance t-shirt combined with jeans and some sneakers, to elegant with a simple waistcoat, a watch and some shoes and here's how easy you can have a style to help you stand out. Also some sneakers and a pair of regular fit jeans and you made the perfect combination for a walk on the beach. You can also add slim, slightly gallant pants, a black belt or a waistcoat, perfectly designed for an outing in the city.


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