5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for HER

You love her, you pamper her, and you want to surprise her by making Valentine's Day more beautiful than she expects, but you're a little confused.

Don't worry: Valentine's Day is not an exam you have to pass, but a perfect opportunity to show them that you appreciate it. We offer you ideas inspired by gifts that will pleasantly surprise her and show her that romance is really your strong point.

On the list of gift suggestions for the lady of your life on Valentine's Day: jewelry - your partner's best friends, according to you, of course. Only good things can happen when her best friend and her half show her how well she understands her.

At VIVO! you will find beautiful accessories that will show you that you are well documented: Creole charms and earrings are essential for any trendy outfit. If you feel it's time to move on to a new stage and you want to give her a truly symbolic piece of jewelry, choose from the ring models that will surely win the prize for the most inspired gift. A visit to Kultho, Splend’Or or Meli Melo will inspire you to imagine her reaction and you will be waiting for Valentine’s Day more excited than a child.

A bold gift that deserves its place in the gift guide for the lady in your Valentine's Day life is her secret weapon: sensuality.

The ideal lingerie, either as an accessory worn under a gorgeous cocktail dress, or a luxurious set for the moments spent together, will make her feel special, feminine and attractive. Choose the gift that will become the little secret of both of you from Triumph or Gatta.

Surely the surest way to her heart is to show her that you are making an effort to better understand her passions. Beyond the designer pieces she longs for, you will make her smile when you show her that you appreciate her clothing style, especially because it reflects her personality and all the qualities you love.

Now, in order to successfully pass the practice test, it is important to use your visual memory. Follow her clothing choices carefully and pay a visit to Motivi, Tezyo, Poema, Enika or Benvenuti. You will surely find outfits in trends that she would wear, or at least she would like, or ..let it go, you can handle it🤞.

If, however, you know that she has a pair of sunglasses that she does not part with and you want to go straight to the target, choose her favorite color for the aviator, wayfarer, or those with a cat's eye lens frame. You can find quality accessories at OPTIblu.

The quality time she offers during her breaks for reading or writing is valuable both for her and for you, because it will give you interesting options to surprise her with. Give her her favorite novel with a sweet little dessert. A tip from us: mention Esther Perel in one of your discussions and follow her reaction. Thank you later.

Beauty and care rituals, which make her feel more beautiful and confident, have a special place in the gift guide dedicated to her.

We know it seems like a challenge to find the right gift for the person you are in love with, but they will certainly appreciate the time you spend together and the little gestures that remind them how important it is to you. You can choose from the ornaments specially prepared for a special occasion, or even give her her favorite bouquet of flowers.


One final tip: did anyone say City Break?