It's the most beautiful time of the year, and whether you're single, going through a breakup, or secretly have a crush on someone, it's not worth staying home. We have prepared some things for you that you can do during this period.


First of all - in the month of love, put yourself first and give yourself everything that makes you feel happy - sweets, flowers, gifts, a movie at the cinema or even a city break.


Don't wait for someone to invite you to dinner or a romantic date. Choose a cool outfit and come to a movie at VIVO! And you know the best part? You don't have to share the popcorn with anyone!


Now that you've made your plan and are coming to the movies, it remains to determine what you'll do afterwards. We suggest you continue your evening with a shopping session. Do you want to buy an accessory that has caught your attention for a long time or a high-performance gadget? Now is the time to treat yourself and give yourself an unforgettable gift. Take your time and walk through the shops that wink at you. You will find special offers.


After so much shopping, there is a break, but not just any kind of break, but a sweet one. You can enjoy a cake next to a hot chocolate or a cup of tea.


As Miley Cyrus says, why wait for flowers from someone when you can choose a bouquet (or even several) of your favorite flowers? Come to VIVO! and choose the most colorful and fragrant bouquets, arrangements and flower pots with which you can turn your home into a small green paradise.


Enjoy the month of love in your style!