Vaccination marathon - Drive Through

At VIVO !, we are responsible to others and we #TakeCareOfOurselves.

Saturday and Sunday, November 13 and 14, in the VIVO parking lot! Pitesti, the first vaccination drive through marathon organized in Argeș County by the Argeș Prefecture, D.S.P. Arges, I.SU. Arges and Pitesti City Hall.
The marathon will take place during the two days of the weekend without the need for prior appointment, under the supervision of dedicated medical staff, and is addressed to all those who:

- are eligible for immunization, come from Argeș County (without being required to be residents)

- who want to be vaccinated with any of the three doses in the scheme: the first dose, the second dose or the booster.they want to be vaccinated in the two immunization streams made with Pfizer or Johnson vaccines.


The vaccination certificate is obtained immediately after immunization, in the short post-vaccination surveillance interval. Unvaccinated people who want to participate in the drive through marathon during the restricted time interval (10:00 PM and 12:00 PM) are asked to ensure that they have the declaration on their own responsibility to participate in the vaccination marathon.


We are waiting for you at VIVO! Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to midnight.

At VIVO!, we are responsible and we protect ourselves and our loved ones.