Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher has personalised offers and discounts on more than 700 beauty and cosmetic products

Discover the world of beauty of Yves Rocher!
""Yves Rocher, creator of Cosmetique Vegetale"": 50 years of performance, 50 years of passion, 50 years of inspiration, 50 years of pleasant moments spent together ...
Yves Rocher offers to our VIVO! clients a unique shopping experience:
* Over 700 products that cover the entire range of cosmetics: skin and body care products, perfumes with seductive aromas, makeup with irresistible textures and colours.
* Professional advice and personalised advice within the shops.
* Personalised promotional offers throughout the year, specific to each season or event, which are renewed continuously.
* Loyalty card that allows access to personalised offers and unique advantages.
* Gifts and product samples, to reward customers' loyalty and to offer them the opportunity to discover new products.
* Beauty accessible to all women through the attractive prices of the products.


Offers at Yves Rocher

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