Articles of different categories for children aged 0-14. Products from renowned, world-famous brands and producers of toys and accessories for children (Lego, Mattel, Hasbro, etc.) and own brands "COOL CLUB" (footwear and clothing) and "SMIKI" (toys).

SMYK is the favourite and most recognisable toy shop in Poland, which sells products under its own brands - primarily Cool Club and Smiki. Cool Club is the brand under which the SMYK Group offers unique clothing, footwear for children aged 0-14 and accessories created by its own design team. Cool Club offers affordable, fashionable and stylish children's clothes. The Smiki brand is dedicated to baby toys and accessories of the SMYK Group. SMYK shops also offer products from renowned, world-famous brands and manufacturers of toys and accessories for children (including LEGO, Mattel, Hasbro, etc.). Smiki is the # 1 brand in terms of sales volume among toys and accessories available in the SMYK chain of shops. Smiki stocks over 1,700 products, including well-known and popular toys for children of all ages, which are designed to introduce toddlers to the world of imagination and adventure. Among them you can find, among others, popular plush mascots or educational and creative toys.

The SMYK shop at VIVO! Lublin offers a wide selection of clothing and footwear, toys, baby accessories and other products for children aged 0-14. One of the network's strengths is the availability of a wide range of products of different categories under one roof.

We invite you to visit the SMYK shop at VIVO! Lublin.


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