Pralnia Higiena

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The launderette Higiena at VIVO! Lublin has a state-of-the-art technological facility for water washing, dry cleaning of clothes, work clothes, carpets, etc. The launderette has introduced an innovative concept of laundry maintenance and cleaning  - hydrocarbon. This technology is used in the latest version of chemical aggregates, which ensures increased safety, less environmental impact, excellent cleaning power and excellent washing results. It does not cause any discolouration, and the low temperature during cleaning is ideal for very delicate clothing. It perfectly cleans leather clothes, furs, silk and handmade fibres, leaving no stains or creases on the surface.

The launderette also offers washing using IBW technology - Idro Bio Wash. This is a total novelty on the Polish market - an innovative method of water washing, developed for laundry made of all types of fabrics and leathers (except grain leather). Excellent dirt removal effects, a pleasant fragrance, fabrics pleasant to the touch and ecology - these are the main advantages of the IBW water system.

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