Myjnia samochodowa Fabryka Blasku

We take care of preparing cars for sale, cleaning and maintaining leather, renovating and repairing leather upholstery, washing the interior of the car, washing the engine compartment

The Car Wash Factory offers comprehensive manual car washing and advanced car care and auto detailing. The brand provides the highest quality services. The company's speciality is professional hand washing of cars, protection of varnish with quartz and ceramic coatings, cleaning and impregnation of upholstery fabrics and leather, polishing varnish.

The care is based on professional products known all over the world and valued for reliability and safety. All services are performed with the utmost care and attention to every detail. The client is treated individually and the services are selected according to specific needs. The brand performs all entrusted tasks in a timely and reliable manner. Cooperation with the car wash is also a guarantee of securing the vehicle against the adverse effects of weather conditions. Thanks to the skills and experience of experts, each car will look like new.

Welcome to the Car Wash Factory at VIVO! Lublin.


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