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Cropp is a streetwear brand that is in line with urban space and an understanding of urban lifestyle. It is aimed at young rebels immersed in urban culture, girls and boys who live their own way, and the clothing emphasises their individual style. The brand's collections clearly show influences of pop culture and hip-hop culture, including graffiti, street art, urban sports and music inspirations. Cropp collections are created for people who value peer relationships, who want to manifest their independence through clothing. When designing the collection, the Cropp brand cooperates with illustrators and graffiti artists from around the world.

Thanks to the brand's cooperation with renowned partners, the VIVO! Lublin shop also offers products from the companies: Mitchell & Ness, Komono, Sharpie, as well as New Balance and Converse shoes. The Cropp collections available at VIVO! Lublin break existing stereotypes and habits. They are perfect streetwear, reflecting all trends present on the so-called street. You can find clothes, shoes and accessories here. They are created especially for young women and men who want to express themselves and be above norms and templates through their clothes. At Cropp at VIVO! Lublin you can find everything that is currently "hot" in the broadly understood youth culture.

Welcome to the Cropp shop at VIVO! Lublin.


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