Although digital music sales continue to increase, the vogue for vinyl and analog sounds continues. You will be able to find out about it soon at VIVO! Lublin. On June 10-11, the Vinyl Records, CDs and Cassettes Fair will be held here. Exhibitors and collectors from all over Poland have confirmed their participation in the event.

There is no need to convince anyone that the quality of the sounds recorded on vinyl cannot be compared to any other media. Enthusiasts of organic sounds, appreciating the specificity of black discs, are able to spend huge sums on the purchase of their dream albums. Contrary to popular opinion, collecting vinyl records does not have to be an expensive, exclusive passion for the chosen ones. The upcoming Vinyl Records, CDs and Cassettes at VIVO will be a unique opportunity to buy musical pearls at affordable prices! Lublin.

At the fair in the shopping center, you will be able to sell your own, already listened to albums, as well as buy hard-to-reach, unique copies, the first editions of cult releases or popular singles, and selected special editions. Collector's stands will be filled with vinyls, CDs and cassette tapes with the works of the greatest musical icons, including timeless sounds of Pink Floyd, guitar riffs by Jimiegio Hendrix and film compositions by Ennio Morricone or Hans Zimmer. A great celebration of vintage music will take place at VIVO Event Square! Lublin, on June 10-11, during the opening hours of the facility.

It is also worth following the VIVO fanpage! on Facebook. The Center will organize an unusual competition here, in which you will be able to win two vinyl records in limited editions: a classic of vocal jazz and funk "Bemowe phrases by Bemibem and the album of the Polish rock band SBB" With the word I run to you ".

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