This coming Saturday, April 2, as every year, the World Autism Awareness Day will be celebrated. On this day, blue will be a symbol of solidarity with people on the autism spectrum. By default, more than 2,000 buildings in almost 50 countries change their lighting during this time. The VIVO shopping center was once again involved in the "Blue for Autism" campaign! Lublin.
"In blue for autism" is a global campaign organized since 2011 by the American organization Autism Speaks. In Poland, the event was publicized by the SYNAPSIS Foundation. The initiative is to express solidarity with people on the autism spectrum by illuminating blue facades of public and commercial buildings, all on April 2, which is World Autism Awareness Day. VIVO has once again joined this extremely important and needed action! Lublin, which will turn blue on that day. The shopping center is one of the most important facilities in the city, where it was decided to support this unique initiative.
More about the campaign and ways to support the World Autism Awareness Day can be found on the SYNAPSIS Foundation website: People on the autism spectrum, looking for help and appropriate guidance, can also find all the necessary information on the website of the Alpha Foundation in Lublin.

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