We have prepared a real treat for collectors of vinyl records and lovers

analog sound and vintage musical equipment! Coming next Friday and Saturday at the Event Square there will be a great stock exchange where you will find thousands discs, CDs and cassette tapes with Polish and foreign music.

During the fair, you will be able to enrich your music collections with timeless ones

albums and singles of true stage legends. Queen, David Bowie, Budka Suflera or

Czeslaw Niemen? Or maybe the jazz sounds of Keith Jarrett, Jimi's iconic solos

Hendrix or a disco like Boney M.? All this and much much more will be waiting for you

analog music fans in our mall! Among a thousand vinyls, CDs or

There will also be real gems in cassette tapes - unique and hard to find

first editions and special editions. There will also be newer, contemporary ones

songs from various musical genres.

Additionally, the stock exchange will be a great opportunity to exchange CDs with other enthusiasts or sell some of your collections. About his passion for organic sounds

the turntable and retro audio equipment will be told by knowledgeable exhibitors and collectors from all over Polish. They will also be happy to advise you on the purchase.

The record exchange will take place on January 14 and 15 from 9.00-21.00 at the Event Square at level 0. We invite you!

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