July 8 and 9 VIVO! Lublin will become one of the scenes of the Inne Brzmienia festival. As part of the two-day event, Małe Inne Brzmienia, a number of events are planned in the shopping center - from ukulele lessons, through concerts and workshops, to a theater performance. Free entrance.
The Different Sounds Festival was initiated by Mirosław Olszówka. It was first organized in 2008 and has been inextricably linked with
Lublin. This year, part of the Lublin festival of culture will be transferred to VIVO !.
On Friday, July 8, there will be classes on ukulele from Hawaii. On the same day, Marzena Bielecka will conduct workshops on creating recycled instruments, as well as a discussion on music, sounds and silence. On the same day, everyone will have it
the opportunity to write down your "Golden Musical Thoughts". The first day of the festival will end with "BRASS!", A charity concert by the Słobożańska Youth Academic Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine from Kharkiv. Artists will present world masterpieces of classical music, works by contemporary composers and
music of various genres and styles.
On Saturday, July 9, children and their parents will have the opportunity to listen to and watch "The Tale of a Tree" - an extraordinary play by the Hippo Theater about friendship, help, diversity and care for the natural environment. The two-day event will end with the "Listen to me, mom!" Workshop, during which the children will listen,
recognize and imitate sounds, create improvised together
onomatopoeic works with the use of voice, hands, feet and simple instruments.

Schedule of the event Małe Inne Brzmienia at VIVO! Lublin:
12.00–13.00 | Małe Inne Brzmienia | Ukulele - learning to play | Event square
14.00-15.00 | Małe Inne Brzmienia | Recycled instruments | Event square
15.00-16.00 | Małe Inne Brzmienia | "Golden Musical Thoughts" | Event square
16.00-17.00 | Małe Inne Brzmienia | "BRASS!" - concert of the Słobożańska Youth Academic Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine from Kharkiv | Observation deck
12.00–13.00 | Małe Inne Brzmienia | Performance: "The Tale of the Tree" | Observation deck
1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. | Małe Inne Brzmienia | Workshops: "Listen to me, Mom!" | Observation deck

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