How are decorated Easter eggs made in the Lublin region, Podlasie and in the Lemko tradition? What are the Kurpie oklejanki and Opole kroszonki? We will have the opportunity to find out about it at the Easter Exhibition in VIVO! And learn more about the Christmas traditions of the Lublin region. The exhibition will be open on April 5-20.
Coming soon to VIVO! Lublin will have a unique, festive atmosphere. All thanks to the Easter Exhibition created as part of the Jagiellonian Fair, showing how to create Easter eggs decorated with wax. They are a long tradition in the Lublin region, Podlasie and in the Lemko culture. Visitors to the Shopping Center, on April 5-20, will have the opportunity to learn more about the profiles of five folk artists who are true masters of the field of Easter eggs.
Additionally, during the exhibition, films from meetings with craftsmen will be shown, who will talk about their passion for tradition and handicrafts, and will show step by step how to make Easter eggs by yourself. We will learn what Oklejanki from Kurpie and Kroszonki are from Opole.
The exhibition will also feature traditional Lublin Easter eggs decorated with the batik technique, which - due to their size - will not be overlooked.
- Easter immediately reminds us of baskets full of beautiful, colorful Easter eggs. Together with the Workshops of Culture, we have prepared a unique exhibition where we will see how in the past we can decorate shells in our region. We will also learn about the exact process of painting with the batik technique, which is a true tradition in the Lublin region. We hope that the Easter exhibition and unique, hand-made decorations will make this Christmas time more pleasant for our customers - says Katarzyna Wojciechowska-Wójcik, Director of VIVO! Lublin.
The Easter exhibition is located at the VIVO Event Square! (level 0) and will be available from April 5 to April 20.

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