The Christmas atmosphere came to our shopping center in mid-November. At that time, unique Christmas decorations appeared on the site, with light curtains and snowflakes, baubles, Christmas trees, as well as fairy-tale fairies and reindeer. On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas, we have also prepared many attractions for you, which we write about below. We invite you to have fun together!


Santa Clauses, or elves, snowflakes and sweet gifts

We have prepared many surprises for the upcoming Santa Claus Day. On Saturday, December 5, Santa Clauses will appear in our shopping center, who will give the youngest Christmas gifts. You will also admire unruly elves presenting sophisticated tricks and juggling, 3-meter stilt walkers, as well as flexible snowflakes-acrobats. Interestingly, circus tricks will also be presented by Santa Claus himself, who will move on ... a one-wheeled bicycle! You will be able to see magical, fairy-tale characters from 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. at many points in the VIVO! All this for the sake of avoiding the formation of larger assemblies and ensuring the safety of customers.


Festive Instarooms

In VIVO! Lublin, you could feel the atmosphere of the upcoming Christmas from the beginning of December. Four of our premises, located on level +1, have been transformed into Christmas Instarooms - rooms resembling high-class photo studios. They got their name from the popular Instagram application, where users willingly post these types of photos, saving memories and giving their profiles a unique dimension. The four creative photo spaces have been arranged in different ways, each of them bearing a different slogan. Guests have at their disposal a festive disco, a colorful world of decorations, a frenzy of gifts and a journey to the land of Christmas. The venues, in addition to the unique background, also contain a lot of props that will make each shot unique. Instarooms will be open until December 24 during VIVO! Opening hours.


Pro-sales campaign "Magic of Christmas - Power of Awards"


On the last two pre-holiday weekends, December 12-13 and December 19-20, there will be a pro-sale campaign "Magic of Christmas - Power of Awards", in which you will pay for shopping at VIVO! You will be able to pick up gift cards worth PLN 50 and PLN 100, delicious gingerbread houses, as well as special prizes prepared by tenants. What should you do to feel the Magic of Christmas and earn the Power of Rewards? The mechanism of buy & get actions is not complicated. It is enough to do shopping for min. PLN 200, show the proof of purchase at the Promotion Service Point, and also ... choose one of the acrylic baubles hanging on the Christmas structure. Each decoration has a snowflake inside in four different versions that correspond to the individual awards. All this is embellished with a festive, light form and modern design!