Meet Kitty Kocia on Children's Day at VIVO! Lublin

Ahead of us is a unique holiday that arouses extraordinary emotions in the hearts of the youngest - Children's Day! To celebrate this joyful occasion, VIVO! Lublin invites all children and their families to an unforgettable meeting with one of the most popular heroines of literature and films for children – Kicia Kocia!

On May 31 and June 1, from 12:00 to 19:00, in the VIVO! shopping center. Lublin, our charming guest - Kicia Kocia, together with her faithful companion, brother Nunuś, will invite all children to play together. The Cat Town, where our heroine will be waiting for children, will be located in the main hall of VIVO!, on level 0. Admission is completely free!

Kicia Kocia has prepared plenty of attractions for all little guests that will make the time spent in her presence unforgettable. They can expect not only games, animations and competitions, but also the opportunity to learn songs and dance. Children will have the opportunity to develop their skills through various activities, from physical games to competitions and races. They will play together in 1, 2, 3, Kicia Kocia is watching, walking under the rope or Kicia Koci's activity cards, i.e. an imitation game. Kicia Kocia will also not forget about little literature lovers - there will be an opportunity to read books together! In addition, children will be able to try putting together cubic puzzles, decorating masks and painting their faces. After successful fun, you will be able to watch movies, of course with Kitty Kocia in the main role.

But that's not the end of surprises! Our little children will also have the opportunity to learn the basic principles of healthy eating and savoir-vivre at the table in Kici Koci's house. To preserve unforgettable moments with these charming characters, we have prepared a special photo zone where each child will be able to capture moments together with Kitty Kocia and Nunuś.

Our gifts will bring great joy! Each child will receive a Kitty Cat Friend Diploma and unique gifts such as books, mascots and games.

Join us on May 31 and June 1 to celebrate Children's Day with the charming characters Kicia Kocia and Nunuś at the VIVO shopping center! Lublin. It will be an unforgettable adventure for the whole family!