From June 28 at VIVO! Lublin, there is a bicycle station again, equipped with 10 new city two-wheelers

The replacement of bicycles is not the only change compared to the previous year. The rental system has also been modernized, which is now based on the most modern solutions, the so-called fourth generation.
The breeze of summer and the sun's rays motivate us to exercise outdoors. At this time of the year, the bicycle is a particularly popular means of transport. You can use it to drive to work, shop or simply relax while driving around the area. It is worth using city bikes, which will be available again at VIVO from June 28! Lublin. The bicycle station located here has undergone a major modification compared to the previous year. The biggest change is the introduction of a modern borrowing system, the so-called the fourth generation - own computer and GPS transmitter are now included in every bicycle. In addition, to return the bike, you only need to fasten the lock on the rear wheel.
Bicycle station at VIVO! Lublin is perfectly connected with almost all recreational paths in the region. Interestingly, you can find there not only 10 city bikes assigned to it, but also 15 additional parking spaces where you can park your own two-wheelers.