Free make-up treatments, eye examinations and cosmetic advice will be waiting for all ladies who will visit our Shopping Center on their holiday on March 8th.

Free services and advice will be available on Wednesday from 12.00. - 18.00, in a special Beauty Zone, located in the main hall.
On Women's Day, each woman should feel extremely feminine and special. That is why on March 8 we have prepared interesting attractions for VIVO clients! Lublin.

Together with the Douglas and Kodano Optyk brands, we invite you to a special Beauty Zone, where ladies will be able to take advantage of free make-up treatments and face care advice. To use the make-up service, you must sign up for a specific hour in advance at Douglas Perfumery. Ladies will also have the opportunity to undergo an eye examination conducted by specialists from Kodano Optyk. No registration is required for an eye examination.

You're welcome!
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