One of the most beautiful holidays of the year is ahead of us - Valentine's Day, long awaited by everyone. On this occasion, on February 12-13, VIVO! Lublin invites all couples in love to take part in the unique pro-sale campaign "Balonove Love". To get attractive prizes, you should do shopping for min. PLN 150, show the receipts at the Competition Point and choose one of the balloons marked with symbols, depending on the type of gift. You can win gift cards worth PLN 50 and pralines with the VIVO! Logo.

A real treat will be waiting at VIVO! Lublin for all lovers.


On the occasion of the fast approaching Valentine's Day, the Shopping Center has prepared a buy & get action.


Customers who will shop on February 12-13 for the amount of min. PLN 150 and show proof of purchase at the Competition Point (on a maximum of two receipts), they will have the opportunity to win attractive prizes, including gift cards worth PLN 50 and sweet pralines branded with the VIVO! logo.


It is enough to choose one of the balloons placed on the special prepared structure. Each of them is marked with a specific symbol assigned to individual awards.


The Competition Point, located on level 0, will be open from 11:00-19:00.


Detailed rules of the campaign are available at:

You're welcome!

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