New generation nicotine accessories

IQOS is an innovative electronic alternative to traditional cigarettes. It heats tobacco instead of burning it, so it doesn't smell like cigarette smoke, ash or fire. And this is exactly what distinguishes IQOS from traditional cigarettes. By heating tobacco, IQOS brings out its true taste.
IQOS is used with specially designed tobacco cartridges.
No smoke. No ash. Less smell.
IQOS is an alternative for adult smokers who want to continue using tobacco and nicotine. 

IQOS Island at VIVO! Krosno is a place where adult smokers and IQOS users can buy the device and learn about HeatControlTM tobacco heating technology. In addition, at the island you can buy dedicated tobacco cartridges for all IQOS models and personalise the device. It is a place where you can choose your favourite taste of HEETs tobacco cartridges as well as buy IQOS accessories from the wide range presented at the stand or personalise your device.
Here you not only can buy a device and cartridges with tobacco, but also learn how IQOS works and how it differs from an electronic cigarette. On site, the IQOS expert will answer your questions, clean the device or change it if necessary and tell you how to operate it.


The producer of IQOS is Philip Morris Polska.


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