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DRACO Eyewear at VIVO! Krosno offers a wide selection of brand sunglasses, polarised glasses and accessories. We offer the best brands and collections of sunglasses such as: DRACO, Lozano, Vinci, Roberto Marco, Christian Lafayette and Karin Jones. These products have very attractive designs and high quality. The glasses models combine the latest global trends with a good price.
The collection includes women's, men's and children's glasses, as well as various types: classic, sports, pilots, cat's eyes, nerds, laces. DRACO Eyewear also offers glasses for drivers, athletes, fishermen and for everyday use on sunny days. The flagship brand is Lozano Premium class sunglasses with a 5-year warranty, which approves their unusual quality.
Our glasses have filters that protect the eyes against all ranges of harmful radiation and that meet European standards.
Glasses with polarised lenses guarantee the best quality of vision because they eliminate light reflected from flat surfaces, enhance the contrast, and the colours are more saturated. It is important for health, because such lenses guarantee the full protection of our eyes.

In the creation of our collections, we follow our clients' suggestions, carefully choosing each style and matching the colour of the frame and lens, as well as other details.


When choosing glasses, choose Draco Eyewear at VIVO! Krosno.


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