Be trendy, be fashionable, be cool.

The Big Star shop at VIVO! Krosno offers fashionable clothes, footwear and accessories. The modern design and high quality of the products are the hallmarks of all collections available at our shop. We offer our customers so many different styles of jeans that everyone will surely find a suitable choice.


At the Big Star shop at VIVO! Krosno, apart from trousers, you can also buy other items: sweatshirts, shirts, T-shirts, jackets and even shoes - everything original, but also timeless. Big Star offers women's and men's clothes for every occasion  - sports, office and casual. With Big Star clothes and footwear, every outfit will be fashionable and comfortable. We create high-quality clothing, footwear and accessories. All this and much more can be found at the prestigious Big Star shop at VIVO! Krosno.

In the creation of its collections, the company is primarily guided by comfort for the wearers and the ability to create a multitude of styles, depending on their needs, offering a sense of freedom.

Be trendy, be fashionable, be cool!


We invite you to shop at VIVO! Krosno.


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