Fat Thursday at VIVO! Krosno - the sweet end of carnival

Fat Thursday is a day that in Polish tradition is associated primarily with donuts and other deep-fried delicacies. However, this unique tradition can also include other delicacies that perfectly match the atmosphere of this joyful day. At VIVO! Krosno, we would like to invite you on a unique journey through culinary flavors, presenting the best desserts for Fat Thursday.

You can't start the list of Fat Thursday desserts without mentioning donuts. But how about a donut version that will surprise your taste buds? In our Shopping Center you will find classic donuts in various flavors, from traditional ones stuffed with marmalade, through vanilla and chocolate creams, to unusual compositions, such as donuts with pistachio filling, gently breaking tradition. At the SANTOS i Keks confectionery, you will find not only donuts but also faworki, without which the end of the carnival cannot be complete.

Let the smell of freshly baked cakes float in the air, tempting you with its aroma. In our bakery you will find a wide selection of baked goods, perfect for Fat Thursday. Yeast cakes, cheesecakes, apple pies - these are just some of the proposals that will make your day full of sweet experiences.

Although the temperature may be low, on Fat Thursday you will certainly feel like eating cold, creamy ice cream. In our Grycan ice cream parlor you will discover a wealth of flavors and textures that will warm your heart. From classics such as vanilla and chocolate, to exotic fruits and original flavor compositions - the choice is really wide. Additionally, on Fat Thursday you will have a special offer of a donut from PLN 4 with any coffee, tea or chocolate!

Not only sweets can please the palate on Fat Thursday. In our cafes you will also find exquisite snacks that go perfectly with coffee or tea. Delicious muffins, fruit tarts, or even mini desserts in jars - these are just some of the proposals that will surely appeal to lovers of elegant flavors. Be sure to visit Arturo Coffee Shop ACH! and choose something for yourself from colorful cakes.

Fat Thursday is a special day that deserves unique flavors. Welcome to our VIVO Shopping Center! Krosno, where you will find a wide range of desserts and snacks that will make this day even more special and tasty. Let this joyful tradition be an opportunity for you to discover new culinary experiences and enjoy the highest quality flavors!