What is necessary for an autumn lover to survive cold mornings and evenings? We have prepared a special guide with a specific list of indispensable accessories that you can purchase in our Vivo shopping center! Loom. We will also tell you that they can be great gift ideas.

What if not a book?
Jesieniara loves autumn evenings with a good book, which she can buy at the Świat dziennik bookstore. It is on these colder days, when the leaves fall from the trees, that her passion for reading blossoms the most. Take a look at the bestsellers shelf or buy beautiful editions of children's fairy tales to take them to the wonderful world of imagination. You will find many amazing items in the Świat dziennik bookstore.

Autumn woman in her home garden
If you are an autumn lover, you will certainly appreciate the rich collection of mugs available in the Gomla store. There you will find not only beautiful ceramic wonders, but also quite a large selection of thermal mugs that will be useful both at home and during autumn walks, which will become even more pleasant with your favorite drink.

Autumn home SPA
Autumn is the perfect time to relax and take care of yourself. Forget about the gray outside and create your own cozy home spa that will help you catch your breath and chase away the blues. You will find a whole range of products necessary for a home spa in the DOUGLAS drugstore - a moisturizing balm, a face mask, or a candle with a sensual scent will all make you feel relaxed and relaxed.

Autumn woman in a sports outfit
Visit 4F if you are a fan of sports activities, also in autumn. Here you will find everything you need to enjoy outdoor activities in the autumn season: a raincoat or thermal underwear is an absolute must-have in your autumn wardrobe.

Pumpkin is an autumn symbol
Pumpkins are an integral part of the autumn atmosphere. Have no idea how to get them? Try visiting Home&You and buy one that will serve you "for years" or go to the FRAC supermarket and buy a decorative pumpkin or one that can be transformed into an aromatic pumpkin cream soup!

The best blanket for the blues
We cannot forget about one of the most important autumn must-haves - a thick, hairy blanket. As the days become shorter and the nights colder, he becomes a faithful companion. It's worth having it on hand, ready to use on the sofa in the living room or for evening reading by candlelight.
You will find a whole range of colors and patterns of blankets in the JYSK showroom.

Autumn leaves the house
It's time to buy elegant shoes and a handbag! Cowboy boots remain one of the most fashionable footwear in the current season. They perfectly match both trousers (both flared jeans and fitted models) and light dresses that we wear in summer. Just add a thick sweater and a classic trench coat to give the entire outfit a casual character. The presented models are available in the Ryłko boutique store.

Have you already completed your fall essentials?