Jeans are not only an element of our wardrobe, but also a piece of fashion history that has survived for many decades. Regardless of your age or style, you probably have at least one pair of jeans in your closet. Therefore, we also provide customers with the best denim shopping experience in our shopping center.
We invite you on a fascinating journey through the world of jeans at Vivo! Krosno, so you can find your own "Denim Zone."

A zone for jeans lovers

"Denim Zone" is a place where jeans lovers will find everything they need to refresh their denim collection or find a new favorite pair. You will find special denim zones in several stores in our Vivo shopping center! min. in the CROPP or HOUSE showroom.

Here you will always find the latest trends in denim fashion. Regardless of whether you prefer classic, straight jeans or perhaps more avant-garde models with holes and a washed effect, this place offers a variety that will please everyone. The store owners constantly follow trends to provide you with the latest models and colors, and a whole range of models in various colors can be found in Sinsay and the Ochnik salon.

Ecological Choices

As environmental awareness grows, eco-friendly options are also being introduced. You can find jeans made from recycled materials or sustainable raw materials, which helps reduce the impact of the denim industry on the environment, and h&m supports such initiatives.

Size for Everyone

No matter if you are petite or plus size, "Denim Zone" has something for everyone. A wide range of sizes and leg lengths will allow you to find perfectly fitting jeans that will emphasize your figure.
Tatuum stores offer an amazing selection of different models and colors, be sure to visit them to buy a model tailored to you.

Tailored Experts

If you are not sure which style of jeans suits your body or style, you can count on the help of experts. Store staff are well trained to advise you on the best jeans for you, taking into account your body shape and preferences. You will meet real denim experts in the Big Star salon!

The World of Denim Accessories

Jeans are not just pants - they are a whole philosophy. In the "Denim Zone" you will also find a wide selection of denim accessories, such as jackets, vests, handbags and hats. You can create a complete denim set that will reflect your personal style, and you will find various denim variants in the Reserved store.

Our Vivo! Shopping Center Krosno is a mecca for jeans lovers. Here you can discover the latest trends, eco-friendly options, fitted sizes and much more. Whether you're an avid denim fan or you just need a new pair of pants. We offer everything you need to find your own "Denim Zone." Jeans are no longer just clothes, they become an expression of your personality and style. Come and discover the fascinating world of jeans!