A healthy approach to life

A wide range of assortment, professional service and competitive prices means that Cosmedica drugstore at VIVO! Krosno is visited by many customers.

Carefully selected products by Cosmedica VIVO! Krosno are available in two thematic zones, which helps to give customers an overview of products for their own and their family's health. The medications zone offers medicines and medical products.

The beauty zone helps to take care of beauty and a positive frame of mind.

Here you may find conditioning articles, dermocosmetics, supplements for beautiful skin and hair and items for mother and baby. In each zone you may consult with specialists: pharmacists and dermoconsultants.


Moreover Cosmedica promote the idea of wellbeing based on a philosophy that assumes that good physical functioning is closely connected to mental wellbeing. Therefore, encourage not only taking care of one's physical condition, but also of healthy nutrition and personal development.


We invite you to visit the Cosmedica pharmacy at VIVO! Krosno.



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