A full dosage of vitamins for you and your loved ones

Fresh Juice is an expert in freshly squeezed juices and fruit cocktails.

At VIVO! Krosno we provide our customers full dosage of vitamins in freshly squeezed juices prepared on site.
On our menu you will find almost 50 unique combinations, so everyone will find something suitable for themselves. The unique combinations and high ratio of tropical ingredients determine the intensity and unique taste of our cocktails and juices. Their properties are a guarantee of the wellbeing and health of our guests.

Our mission is simple - give everyone the opportunity to take care of themselves, refreshing their body and soul.
Natural and healthy - that's what makes us different.
We focus on the highest quality and all products sold are prepared on an ongoing basis for the customer.

We invite you to visit our Fresh Juice island at VIVO! Krosno.



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