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The first day of school is fast approaching, so it's time to get ready for a new school year together. 📖


The shopping list of this period definitely includes supplies, school clothes, schoolbag, even home accessories - for the most pleasant place to study. Of course, for the youngest in the family and a toy to accompany them to kindergarten. Prepare ahead of time for the start of the school year.


Because we know how important it is to you to give your child everything he needs, your favorite stores have prepared special offers on supplies for all students - both for the little ones who are about to go to kindergarten and for students. 👩🏻‍🎓


If you are preparing for high school or college, we know that you can't wait to meet your classmates, but also that you want to make the coolest outfit in the school yard. In your favorite stores you can find the right clothes for various clothing styles. Come to VIVO! and choose which new sneakers you'll wear on the first day this year.


Whether you need new notebooks or gadgets for a good start to the school year, you can find various products on sale during this period. 💻👕🖋️


Stay in step with the trends, come to VIVO! and do your shopping for a quiet year of study. We are waiting for you with promotions for this shopping season dedicated to supplies and clothes. 📖₊✧ 🖋️