Children's Day is just around the corner. On this occasion, VIVO! Lublin invites everyone to celebrate together. The event participants will enjoy a lot of attractions on the observation deck: animations for the youngest, competitions with prizes, playing with colorful Holi powder and workshops for children. The festival DJ, who plays energetic hits, will introduce the summer atmosphere. On site, on the event square inside the facility, an artistic installation in the form of a Selfie Point will also be available. The event will take place on May 29 and June 1, from 12.00 to 18.00.
In VIVO! Lublin promises to be a unique Children's Day, which for a change will last ... as many as two days. The shopping center has prepared a lot of attractions and gifts for its guests. As part of the "Colorful Children's Day", everyone will be able to: take part in SLIME DIY workshops and in groups of ten people show creativity by creating their own SLIME from semi-finished products, paint sneakers with crazy patterns and colors, color their hair with synthetic braids - an absolute hit of the holiday! and even get your first glitter tattoo. There will also be sparkling soap bubbles in the MEGA version and fluffy cotton candy.


The participants of the event will also be able to play together with Holi powder, diversified by a DJ and animators, who will take care of both the musical setting and the organization of competitions and games for children. The colors will be distributed to everyone who enters the observation deck. Prizes will also be waiting here, ready to be collected after presenting special multi-colored hangers, which can be found among tenants between hangers and products. All this, of course, to the rhythm of the best music. The background for the event will be an artistic installation made of colored ribbons, a kind of Selfie Point, which will color not only the event square on level 0, but also profiles in social media.

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