Soon, on March 5-6, VIVO! Lublin will celebrate another birthday. This time, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, they will take place in a slightly different form than before. The shopping center has prepared unusual culinary attractions for its customers, including: the Full Birthday Exhibition
Sweets and online broadcasts on Facebook, during which one of the most popular restaurateurs in our country, Mateusz Gessler, will prepare original sweets in front of Internet users. The Tik Toka star, Daniel Xantos, whose profile is watched by almost 4 million fans, will also present his tutorial video, made on the premises of the facility!

Celebrating the birthday of VIVO! Lublin will be divided into several unusual events.

The Birthday Exhibition Full of Sweets will appear directly on the premises of the shopping center, during which you will be able to take a delicious selfie in the company of large-format exhibits and, above all, learn about the history of the production of juicy jellies, sweet pralines, fluffy donuts or French macarons.

The exhibition will be on display on March 5-20.


VIVO! Lublin, taking into account the applicable restrictions, slightly changed the form of birthday attractions.

This time it opted for online broadcasts, which will be divided into two thematic blocks, conducted via Facebook.


Mateusz Gessler, one of the most popular Polish chefs, will appear in the first of them Internet users how to make delicious sweets with their own hands.

The live stream with Mateusz Gessler will be available on Saturday, March 6 at 6 p.m. on the VIVO! Lublin profile on
Facebook. The next online block will be about the Birthday Show Full of Sweets located in the main hall.


The original tutorial film will be made by a star on the site
Tik Toka - Daniel Xantos, whose account is watched by almost 4 million fans!


VIVO! Lublin has also planned a unique competition where participants will be able to demonstrate their creativity and prove their talent for cooking or recording!

The competition task will be to personally prepare pastries or sweets referring to the exhibition and publish a photo of your work under a dedicated post on Facebook. Works culinary will be judged by Mateusz Gessler himself.


The second contest will be dedicated to fans of the TikTok app! All you need to do is record the original tiktok from the exhibition and publish the video under the competition post on VIVO's Facebook! Lublin. There are gift cards worth PLN 500 / item to be won.

The birthday attractions will be diversified by a pro-sales campaign on 5-6 March, in which you will be able to get vouchers for selected restaurants and cafes located on the premises.


The whole will be complemented by special offers prepared by selected tenants and bonus gift cards worth PLN 50, distributed to customers who previously purchase a card with
worth PLN 200. We invite you to the Information Point.

- I cordially invite all residents of Lublin and the surrounding area to celebrate the birthday of VIVO! This time, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the applicable restrictions, we decided to take a slightly different form. We hope that the events we offer will appeal to our customers and will remain in their memories for a long time. There will be an item obligatory - delicious birthday cake - says Katarzyna Wojciechowska-Wójcik, Director of VIVO! Lublin.

A detailed schedule and regulations of the competitions and the pro-sales campaign can be found at:


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